The Donald Trump Circus

If you have been paying attention to the news, you have had the opportunity to either hear or read about the circus of fools that Donald Trump is currently presiding over. If you are like me well then you are just as disgusted, insulted and pissed about it. You may disagree that President Obama is capable of leading America the Beautiful and that is fine. However, Donald Trump’s circus goes beyond that sentiment. He has insulted not only President Obama but also you and me. Here is a man who literally born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth and believes that rightly so only he is entitled to the best that life has to offer. How arrogant of him.

If I were naive, I would say that his sentiment is just his sentiment. The reality of it all is that, it is a sentiment that many Americans have. It is a sentiment that we a people who were brought forcefully to this country starting in 1619 and made to toll the lands that were not ours deserve nothing. It is a sentiment that has corralled the Native Americans like sheep onto reservations starting on January 31, 1876. It is the sentiment that perpetuates, a cycle of imprisonment filling this nation’s jail full of minorities. This sentiment is why we as a nation spend more money on the prison system then education and why as a first world country our educational system belongs in the sewers and the amount of uneducated individuals most of them being minorities are beyond high. Donald Trump is not the only one who believes in the ideology that a “Black” boy who came from nothing should continue to be nothing. Donald trump is echoing the words that pass through the many bigoted, racially driven Americans on a daily basis. Donald Trump had the balls to say it and for that, I do not fault him.

We as a Black people have become lazy and have a false sense of security. Yes, “legal” slavery is over. The physical act of slavery in America the Beautiful no longer exist (we know this to be technically untrue), however; many of us continue to be mentally enslaved. The truth is that there are many who would see us defeated. They could care less if we sit in a cell like pigs awaiting slaughter. They could care less if we remain uneducated. They could careless period. We continue to give them food for fodder and engage in acts that perpetuate the belief that we are in fact second-class citizens. We continuously kill our own self, disrespect ourselves, cheat ourselves, remain uneducated, etc. and yet we expect to be treated with the same dignity afforded our counterparts. Why should they when we do not dignify ourselves. It is not enough to say that the blood shed to make this country what it is was that of our ancestors. No we must do more. We should be doing more. Doing more involves the handful of people who are doing. It involves the masses doing more. It involves numbers in great force. It involves the likes of those who did sit-in at Woolworth and went on freedom rides. It involves those who stood up and declared that they were more than what society was trying to classify them as. It involves so much and we all have to do our part.

We have to stop allowing ourselves to be disrespected and mistreated. We have perpetuated a system where we are taken for granted. In spite of the disrespect that is thrown our way, we continue to support the wrongdoers. In the end, Donald Trump knows that in spite of whatever he says no matter how insidious it may be we, as a people will endeavor to spend our dollars on his products. We will gamble in his casinos, spray his colon on our bodies, and happily like a pig in slop wear his clothes. Why do we continuously support those who care nothing about us? When we support Donald and other like-minded individuals we are consistently, telling them either that we agree and accept it or that we are just too dumb to comprehend what it is that they are saying. We must STAND up for our RIGHTS. While we did not ask to be brought to this country the fact remains that we are here and stay here we shall. We must DEMAND that we are treated more than a second-class citizen for it is the blood of our ancestors that made what is considered America the Beautiful possible. We must not support those who have the unmitigated gall to speak out of their mouths disparaging comments that insult our ancestors and their struggles so that we could walk thing land “Free.” We must remember that our ancestors in Africa were KINGS and QUEENS. We must remember that because of US this nation has grown and flourished in the manner that it has. Not only must we remember all this and more. We must BELIEVE that it is true and act accordingly. In the end, we must do BETTER. Better than what we are now doing.



About Divine*Pearlz

As one of my good friends, Carrie Pink (from says, I am a modern day superwoman. In the midst of me being a superwoman I am really down to earth once you get to know me. I love life and try to always live it to the fullest. I love God and try to always honor Him. I am service oriented after all I am a Finer Woman. I love health and have made it my mission in life to pursue degrees that will put me in a position to fight for better health policies for my people. All in all, I'm just me. You can take it or leave it!
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