Ask Divine

While I blog for my own mutual enjoyment and yours too (smile) about issues as it relates to me I do realize that there are those out there who would like a second opinion about things as they see it without having to feel like they are the bad person. Feel free to post whatever question you may have here or if you really value your privacy feel free to email me at I promise that I will answer each and every question and still leave your pride in tact.




2 Responses to Ask Divine

  1. Hey Soror!

    Saw your twitter and then came to your blog! It’s great! Keep on pushin!


    Tau Alpha Chapter-Omaha, NE
    Z.K.A. TheatricZ
    Z.S. By Any MeanZ NeceZZary
    (So you don’t think I’m perpetratin’..)

  2. divinepearlz says:

    Thanks Soror. I appreciate the love.

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