The truth about words

Whether you know it or not writing is beneficial to the human psyche. With so much occurring in our every day life it is quite easy to go mad. Most of you are just like me. Placed in situations i.e. work where you can not really say how you really feel. Now I am saying your a punk because damn sure I am not. The truth is that sometimes while things may be serious I have to determine whether it is worth me almost losing my job over. If it is not then I have to take a deep breath and suck it up. Although, I am sucking it up it doesn’t make me any less angry regarding the situation. That’s where writing comes in at. For me when I write, it is a way for me to vent about the problem and exhale it. Internalizing problems is the worse thing a person can do to themselves. Trust me it will make you sick and not just mentally. On that note, sit back and relax as I take you through a journey into my glass house as I see it. Trust me, you will enjoy it.