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Messages in a bottle: gaining wisdom

Over the past few months, I have been going through a metamorphosis. I even cut my hair, something I vowed to not do again.  While growth is slowly happening, it is happening. In a few short months God willing I will … Continue reading

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Now if you are following me, then you know that I ENJOY community service. When I accepted an award back in January, a part of my acceptance speech was, “To whom much is given, much is required.” I live my … Continue reading

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The saga of 31

31 years ago, my mother gave birth to her first child. That child was me. For 31 years, my mother has been the sole parent to take care of my needs mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. For 31 years, I … Continue reading

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The Violence of it all

A man whom I hold in high esteem once said, ” We black men have a hard enough time in our own struggle for justice, and already have enough enemies as it is, to make the drastic mistake of attacking … Continue reading

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