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“What’s the difference between a wifey, a one nitey, and a cut buddy?”

That was the question that I received via text  this past Saturday morning at 10:46 a.m. The first thought that ran through my mind was, WTF kind of question is this, this early in the morning. After I read the question a second time, I realized that since I was walking the streets I do that sometimes too bad it has yet to bring in extra cash I could not give a dedicated answer at the moment truth be told as I am writing about the question I still haven’t answered the question. Now to the up on game chick, the definition of each of these roles should be obvious. As a matter of fact, you may have played the position of at least two I plead the 5th for reasons that I may incriminate myself. I would be mean and say that the person who asked me, clearly is not an up on game chick but to be fair she did admit that she had her own opinion No clue why the hayle she is asking me for then.and was waiting for me to share my opinion before we began to dialogue. Regardless, of whether the person who of this question knows the difference or not, the fact that she even asked if reason enough for me to discuss it. So here it goes. My take on the most common roles of American women.

Wifey: This is not to be confused with wife. I don’t give a damn that the first four letters spell “wife.” Wifey, is some one that a man could see himself being with. By being with, I mean committed. Point blank, you are his main girl but rest assured you may not be his only girl.

Cut buddy: My girls and I refer to this as a recyclable. Some of you may know it as the F*ck buddy.  This is old reliable. Truth be told as long as you are willing to spread it wide he will be there.

One Nitey: I mean really, this should be self-explanatory. If a dude labels you as such know that he never expected to hear from you and you are jeopardizing his relationship with the wifey. You was supposed to a smash and go never to be seen again. I suggest that you lose his number because this will not end well for you if you pursue it.

If you are cool with being any one of these, there is nothing wrong with it. There is a time for everything. It is possible for you to start as a one nitey and move all the way up. It’s pretty hard to do 95% accuracy and more than likely you will fail die trying. If none of these roles are for you, I suggest that you be up front. Say what you mean and mean what you say of as my grandma would say, “Straight talking fi straight understanding.” If they are really into you, he will make it happen or create a damn good lie. Either way, if you like it than pumpkin I love it.




About Divine*Pearlz

As one of my good friends, Carrie Pink (from www.carriepink.com) says, I am a modern day superwoman. In the midst of me being a superwoman I am really down to earth once you get to know me. I love life and try to always live it to the fullest. I love God and try to always honor Him. I am service oriented after all I am a Finer Woman. I love health and have made it my mission in life to pursue degrees that will put me in a position to fight for better health policies for my people. All in all, I'm just me. You can take it or leave it!
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