An Open Letter to the Georgia Board of Pardon & Parollee in Memorandum of Troy Davis

Dear GA Board of Pardon & Parolee Members:

Moments ago, I came across a disturbing report via Reuters. Given that the media is prone to reporting untruths I pray that it is indeed just that…untrue. On September 21, 2011 at 11:08 P.M., you allowed the murder of Troy Davis even though the evidence proving his guilt was no longer credible. Today, I happened to read an article from 2008  that in my opinion showcased just why the hypocrisy of your board as well as the justice system in this country. It was written that  in 2008, after his lawyer conveyed his remorse and blamed his action on the usage of an illegal substance you determined that Samuel David Crowe  should no longer receive the death penalty. You failed to apply the personal responsibility clause to Samuel’s case. He personally chose to use drugs knowing the mental status changes that would result yet he knowingly used them , therefore he is responsible.

There is no need for me to go into why it was your moral and civic duty to grant Troy a pardon. By now you should have heard it all. As a matter of fact, I am sure that you have heard it all yet, you didn’t think twice about committing that man to death. My question is, why? Why did you feel that it was okay to condemn a man to death even after the evidence against him fell apart? Why did you not do an investigation on your own to determine whether Troy really was guilty or if those who 20 years ago testified against him were credible? How is it that you granted clemency to a man who pleaded guilty yet blamed his action on his voluntary usage of a controlled substance? These are only just some of the “why” questions that filter through my mind. I am sure that I will never understand.

I commend Troy Davis for thinking about your souls even while he was set to be killed. It is clear to me that God was far from present in your lives as you made this decision. If  He were, I am confident that you would have had made a more appropriate decision. Worry not though, your callous actions has sparked a nations outrage. As a nation, we are slowly not fast enough becoming tired of the system that is supposed to work for us taking advantage of their authority and ignoring what the masses want. You represent what is wrong with this country on so many levels. We are always quick to judge the practices of other nations as barbaric and inhumane yet this nation has exhibited some of the most barbaric practices since its inception. The lack of conscious that was displayed when it was decided to ignore the evidence regardless of how right or wrong it may have been proves the fact that this country was founded on evil and continues to operate on evil principles. From the moment this country’s forefathers landed on Plymouth rock plymouth rock landed on them they set the stage for the evil that takes place today. They destroyed the nation that existed and was thriving only to throw them little pieces of gratuitous tokens today.  They carted human beings from one country to another to use and abuse them. Stealing them from their native land, tongue and religion and audaciously invoking God’s name as its sanctioner. It is times like this when my pride in my country is diminished and I wonder how it would have been if the Native Americans from long ago had sent those lost individuals trying to start anew away from the overbearing Monarchy of England away from their shores? I wonder what would have happened if those Africans whose ancestral blood runs deep in my vein would have declined to trade with them and insisted that they leave their shores?

Know that God sits on his throne and watches us all. At the end of the day, He is the final judge, juror and executioner. There will come a time when we all have to stand before Him and be judged. We shall be judged on so many levels and found guilty on those same levels. There will be no pardon boards or questions of guilt or innocence because He will show the truth. Many people think that they shall only be judged on acts committed in their personal lives as opposed to their professional ones. I am confident in saying God forgive me if I am wrong that there will be no separation. As a servant of God we all have a responsibility to do right at all times. There is no separation. A wrong act is just that…wrong. Judge Mathias said it best, “This was without a doubt a Great miscarriage of justice.”  It was criminal that Troy was put to death and yes Georgia you do have blood on your hands. Know that no matter how many times you try to rinse it away, the stain will be forever present. You will have to live with your crimes and answer for it when we all go before our Maker.

Like Troy said  with his last breath, “May God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.” Even at last moments among the living Troy had God in his mind and on his tongue. I wonder if he exist for you.




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As one of my good friends, Carrie Pink (from says, I am a modern day superwoman. In the midst of me being a superwoman I am really down to earth once you get to know me. I love life and try to always live it to the fullest. I love God and try to always honor Him. I am service oriented after all I am a Finer Woman. I love health and have made it my mission in life to pursue degrees that will put me in a position to fight for better health policies for my people. All in all, I'm just me. You can take it or leave it!
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