When parent’s don’t love


When I ended my day on Friday, I just knew that I was going to write about something totally different. Then Saturday came along and I had an experience that blew my mind and I realized that I just had to write about it. For all of my grown-up folks reading this, who are the people who you would expect should never hurt you. If you are cynical you may be thinking that everyone will hurt you and unfortunately, you may be right. If you are a little bit like me and a pessimist to boot you may be thinking your family. Personally, I think even that is a longshot. If you were to ask me personally, I would say your parents should never hurt you.

Now I am not talking about you deserved a spanking ass whipping in my home or something didn’t look right and they told you. Rather I am talking about serious, life-threatening harm. I’m talking about they harm you to the point where you die, are deformed or just crazy. I’m talking about the beating that broke your arm, or the slap that cause brain damage, the withholding of food that caused malnutrition. I am talking about the extreme of extremes. Let me ne honest. I believe that every child who is deserving of it can stand to have their ASS whipped. You won’t hear me saying don’t beat your children and if I do please show me this posting as a reminder. With that being said, sometimes that beating can go to far. While I am young, I grew up during a time when mom did not play. It was okay to slap your child in the street and not have to worry about someone calling the cops and charging “CHILD ABUSE.” For the most part everyone minded their business and if you were in a tight-knit neighborhood you may have been a victim of community beating. Personally,  that is fine. I have no problem with my closest friends disciplining my children after all, it takes a village to raise a child and I will gladly lean on my village. The issue at hand is how much is too much?

So how much is too much. No lie I got my ass beat with a tree branch. Yes I mean with a tree branch and not the ones that were skinny. I look back and laugh because it served  my tail right. I thought the branch was so cute and I brought it in the house. Lesson #1 of the old school household, never bring anything in the house that could be used against you. When I say I got beat….man I got beat. I really don’t recall whether I deserved it selective memory but I do recall that it hurt and some blood vessels were broken. I’m sure someone would say that I was abused. I’d disagree. I will say that it was a bit excessive and unnecessary. That’s just me though. It is too much when there is actual physical harm. I didn’t require medical attention. Except for some pain I was actually good.

I didn’t end up like that poor little girl who was failed by the city and died chained to a seat like a wild animal. Nor was I like the child who was sexually assaulted repeatedly by her father and left with a disease that can’t be given back and children. I was not shaken so hard that my neck snapped and I drifted into a coma and woke up with a different life. My body was not a canvas for bruises. My stomach wa snot hollow from hunger. When all of these things occur it is definitely too much. To have experienced these at the hands of a parent makes the pain even worse. How is it that someone could do this to their own child? If I had the answer to that question, I am sure that  I would be rich. The sad thing is that I actually know someone who is so adorable yet is a victim of a parent’s rage. This little angel will never know the joys that you and I experienced. To think that his chances at those joys was taken away because his parent could careless breaks my heart. It’s for people like him that I speak up for. There is nothing wrong with an ass beating but it has to be reasonable. Furthermore, a baby is just that….a baby. Crying is communication from them. Don’t get mad when they don’t stop. Rather become concerned. Children are a blessing from God. Which of the favors of your lord will you deny. To destroy your child’s life has got to be blasphemy in my eyes.

For the parents who protect their child from harm or who separate themselves from the parent who is harmful, I salute you. If there were more parents like you in the world truly this world would be a better place.




About Divine*Pearlz

As one of my good friends, Carrie Pink (from www.carriepink.com) says, I am a modern day superwoman. In the midst of me being a superwoman I am really down to earth once you get to know me. I love life and try to always live it to the fullest. I love God and try to always honor Him. I am service oriented after all I am a Finer Woman. I love health and have made it my mission in life to pursue degrees that will put me in a position to fight for better health policies for my people. All in all, I'm just me. You can take it or leave it!
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